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AU-Spyder | High-Fidelity True Wireless Earbuds
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Ear-ily perfect fit!

Experience the whimsical charm of our ergonomical structure made from BASF photosensitive resin using 3D printing. It effortlessly hugs your ear, providing a stable fit even during high-energy activities like running and jumping. Get ready to have a blast while enjoying your favorite sports!

Tuned by Pros

Groove to all Genres

This masterpiece was crafted by the brilliant minds at AuSounds Acoustic. We even got the digital maestros with Grammy vibes on board for some cool tweaking. We threw in some multi-frequency magic to guarantee a rad experience, whether you're vibing to pop beats or getting all fancy with classical tunes!

Low latency & Immersive

Ideal for Gaming

Qualcomm's aptX-Adaptive audio magic blends stability, high-octane sound quality, and crazy low latency. It's like having a DJ in your device, tweaking scenes to give you crystal-clear tunes and automatically dialing up the awesomeness for every situation. Hit game mode, and it transforms into a low-latency ninja with a delay as swift as 0.06 seconds – so you can storm the battlefield worry-free! (Yep, it's also tight with aptX and aptX HD!)

Dual Driver System

Unparalleled Sound Precision

Experience mind-blowing sound with our dynamic and planar driver combo. Enjoy CD-level music with Qualcomm® aptX™ transmission technology. Hear bright and transparent high frequency, powerful bass, and broad mid frequency. With pure sound quality, ultra-low distortion, and no broken record effect. Join us for the next level of wireless music experience!

3D Ergonomics

Incredible Comfort

To cater to all types of ear size and shape, designers conducted extensive research on earphone comfort and carried out surveys. This data-driven approach enabled the creation of multiple prototypes and mock-ups, resulting in the identification of the most suitable earbud design.

AuSounds App

Intuitive Control

Discover a world of personalized audio control with the AuSounds app. Fine-tune your experience, from dynamic sound equalization to customized modes. Stay connected, check battery levels, and enjoy shortcuts for seamless control. Elevate your audio journey with AU-Spyder – all from the AuSounds app.

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