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Detailed Sound

Sonic Excellence

AU-X is the result of the brilliant minds at AuSounds Acoustic. We even brought in the digital maestros with Grammy vibes to add some cool adjustments to the AU-Planar drivers used. We've also infused it with multi-frequency magic to guarantee a fantastic experience, whether you're vibing to pop beats or indulging in the elegance of classical tunes!

Battery Built-in

40-hour Playtime

Prepare for a musical odyssey that will outlast even the lengthiest flight! AU-X can circle the globe without a break. It's like having a personal concert in your ears, no matter where your wild escapades lead you. With just a quick 5-minute recharge, you'll have 5 more hours of blissful listening pleasure.

Prevailing Codecs

Wireless Meets Lossless

Features LHDC that delivers 3x more audio details than any other prevailing Bluetooth codecs. Also compatible with Qualcomm aptX HD and aptX Adaptive. (Note: LHDC is only available for Android devices.) Immerse yourself in high-fidelity sound with AU-X.

ausounds app

Intuitive Control

Discover a world of personalized audio control with the AuSounds app. Fine-tune your experience, from dynamic sound equalization to customized modes. Stay connected, check battery levels, and enjoy shortcuts for seamless control. Elevate your audio journey – all from the AuSounds app.