Best Headphones For Music

Best Headphones For Music


Headphones are not all built in the same way and can have various different built-in EQs or frequency curves for “enhancing” sound quality. 


Sometimes, this can improve the sound quality in a way that it gives “personality” to the headphone (think of the bass in Beats headphones). Other times it can amplify muddiness or harshness that wasn’t intended by the audio engineer or artist. This is why most producers, artists, and engineers usually lean toward a more tame frequency response curve.The best headphones for music creation/monitoring have mostly flat frequency response curves to get the most accurate reproduction of the original intended sound. While this can be great for its purpose, not all headphone users are recording artists or producers. This is why there isn’t an overall “best” frequency curve for headphones - it all just depends on what you are using them for.As recording technologies become more affordable and portable over time, artists have been more frequently using “mobile studios” record demos and samples in different environments.A few examples are Andrew Huang, Lights, and Ninajirachi, but there are plenty of other artists who go “sample hunting” for unique samples to bring home and produce with.


Aside from a flat frequency response curve, comfort and mobility are also considerable factors in the modern-day “mobile studio” in regards to headphones. As Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is becoming more and more common, artists and music lovers are more frequently bringing their laptops to coffee shops and libraries to work on or listen to their music without outside noise being an issue. Our AU Stream ANC headphones are a great example of a quality pair you can take out in the field when you are arranging, mixing, or recording samples for your tracks. They are even perfect for everyday listening or studying when you need to drown out the world for a moment.Inspiration can strike at a moments notice. Being so, it is important to have the right headphones for the job. Our AU Stream ANC headphones are lightweight, portable, durable, and most importantly comfortable. Did we mention that they also sound amazing? Try them out for yourself!


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