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AU-Flex ANC | Wireless Neckband Earphone
AU-Flex ANC | Wireless Neckband EarphoneAU-Flex ANC | Wireless Neckband EarphoneAU-Flex ANC | Wireless Neckband EarphoneAU-Flex ANC | Wireless Neckband EarphoneAU-Flex ANC | Wireless Neckband EarphoneAU-Flex ANC | Wireless Neckband EarphoneAU-Flex ANC | Wireless Neckband Earphone

The Future of Mobile High-Fidelity

The AU-Flex ANC is the first of Ausounds’ High-Fidelity earphones. Delivering the performance of a wired in-ear, the soundstage of a thousand-dollar over-ear, and designed with sustainable metals and lightweight aluminum, the AU-Flex is a herald of mobile hi-res future. Engineered with a unique Hybrid Planar Magnetic driver that delivers a wide and accurate soundstage only found in planar technology. A separate dynamic subwoofer that provides natural deep bass. This innovation provides an Ausounds audio signature that is a precision-balanced sound that isoptimal for long-listening sessions.



We’ve engineered key features that benefit a mobile audiophile lifestyle such as, LDAC for a high-res wireless Bluetooth transfer rate of 990kbps, active-noise cancellation that is accessible with a switch of a button, intelligent magnetic clasps with an auto-pause function and a rapid charge USB-C port. The noise reduction system inside the earphone generates sound waves that cancel out the ambient noise, thereby achieving an auditory quiet effect without compromising the quality of the audio. This earphone is also equipped with an ambient mode that provides an open-back audio experience while giving you the option to hear the environment around you to assure your safety while walking in the streets or working in your office. This earphone is engineered to deliver hi-res audio at an accessible price with the sound quality and comfort a true music enthusiast can appreciate.


Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 KHz

Impedance: 16 ohms


SPL: 99+/-3dB

ANC Depth: 20 ~ 25dB

Weight: 36 / earphone

Total Battery Life: 22 Hours


  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • LDAC Hi-Res Wireless
  • Intelligent Magnetic Clasps
  • Hybrid Planar Driver

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With a noise reduction of -25db you can isolateyourself without compromising your musicplayback. Our standard feed-forward noisecancellation earbuds were designed to allowmusic creators to travel and create whenever,wherever, without interruption.

Unlike other Bluetooth compatible coding technologiessuch as SBC (sub-band coding), it operates without anydown-conversion of the Hi-Res Audio content and allowsapproximately three times more data than those othertechnologies to be transmitted over a Bluetooth wirelessnetwork with unprecedented sound quality.

These earphones come equipped with intelligentmagnetic clasps with an auto-pause function to stopand start your music with ease. These magneticclasps are also perfect for answering phone callshands-free and save battery life when connected instandby mode.

Our uniquely designed Hybrid Planar Magnetictechnology comprises a planar magnetic driver forsuperior resolution at the mid and upperfrequencies and a phase-aligned dynamic driver todeliver deep rich accurate bass. The drivers areenclosed by dual-voice coils and encased with adurable metal enclosure.


Ausounds Intelligence warrants this product to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal conditions for a period of 90-days parts and labor, and 1-year for parts only from date of original purchase.Ausounds agrees at our option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish an equal product in exchange without repair charges, during the first 90 days. After 90 days, a flat labor rate may be required and payment sent along with product.


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